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Who we are and what we do?

Emerald Fund

The Emerald Fund was established by  Cian Lynch and David O Connell 

The idea of the fund came from a conversation about what could be done to help support the next generation of Irish cyclists. Out of this conversation the Emerald Fund was born……

Our aim is to support the future of Irish Cycling through hosting events like the Emerald Sportive and by fundraising through our online Shop and Auction pages.  ALL proceeds raised go back into the future of the sport.

In January of each year our committee will meet to go through all applications made to the fund and decide who will be supported for the upcoming year.

“The idea came about as a result of talks with key people in Irish Cycling. The time is right to step up and support the next generation of riders coming through., across all disciplines. I was lucky to avail of support from both the Dave Rayner Fund and the Braveheart Fund, our hope is that likewise the Emerald Fund can assist upcoming riders take that next step to what is a very tough, but extremely rewarding career.”

Dan Martin
Quick-Step Floors